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Dr. Jynona Norwood serves as the senior pastor of Faith I AM, formerly Family Christian Cathedral. For over 5 decades Jynona has served her community gifting needy families, children, after school tutorials, anti-gang violence crusades working with LA’s Chief of Police and Mayor Villaraigosa’s assistant, Dr. Cedil “Chip” Murray and community churches. She fed those in need following in the footsteps of the matriarch’s of her family before forming her church. For over 4 1/2 decades Faith I AM has held various clothe, food, back to school, and toy giveaways with the Urban League, First Fridays, and Shaq gives back Toy & Turkey giveaways” with signed memorabilia donated by Celebrity Shaquille O’Neal. COVID interrupted her Annual Family & children giveaways until 2022.

Her ministry honored the Katrina Victims with supporters like Spagos Barbara Lazaroff, Kodak Theatre, Wolfgang Puck, Dick Gregory honoring Ms. Cicely Tyson, Chief Willie Bratton, Rev. Leonard Jackson and prominent leaders who give a helping hand to support those in need.  She is a teacher, dynamic preacher, prophet, humanitarian, and a respected spokesperson.

Abut Dr. jynona Norwood Profile Picture

Faith I AM is home of The Miracle Wall where Jesus has Supernaturally appeared as reported on CBS, FOX, NBC, & GERALDO. Dignitaries, Celebrity’s, Managers, A-list Producers, Civil Rights leaders, Physicians, Scientist, Children, Families and people from all walks of life have flown into Inglewood to witness God’s Glory on the Wall!

She is a Seer-Prophet who predicts World Events and has ministered to Civil Rights leader Dick Gregory, Shaq via his father-in-law, Lee Nelson, Richard Williams via his sister Sandra Williams, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Alex Dean, Paul LeClair, Helen Gissin,  Dignitaries and a host of actors, managers, families and children.


She is the founding director of the Annual Jonestown Memorial Services/Cherishing the 305  Innocent Children Memorial Project. Although she was never a member of Jones’ cult, her son was raised in People’s Temple while she traveled as an Evangelist. To protect him from harm, she severed ties with her family, who were already members, and went into hiding after God revealed to her that everyone would be murdered. Her chronicle of survival has been featured on world news after losing twenty-seven family members including her mother in the Jonestown Massacre.

CBS, Stacy Butler Reported Jynona’s story on November 18, 2008, and in July 2009 it was submitted for a nomination in the “61st Los Angeles EMMY AWARDS.” In 1979, Dr. Norwood held the first memorial and made a commitment to honor the memory of the 305 innocent children’s silent screams. On November 18, 2008, Dr. Norwood and community leaders unveiled the first two panels of the Children’s Memorial, which was featured on the front page of USA Today and newspapers worldwide. She has appeared on world news including Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Jim Lehr, Charlie Rose, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, People, Newsweek, and JET Magazine. She was featured in WHO’S WHO Black Los Angeles for three years in a row. Dick Gregory held Prayer Vigils & protested Jim Jones being honored on the sacred mass gravesite of the 305 innocent Children and was Keynote speaker for years. In 2018 at the 40th year Annual Memorial, Keynote speaker Martin Luther King, III, along with the Norwood family and friends unveiled the Cherishing the Innocent Children Hero’s Portable Memorial. Dr. E. Faye Williams was one of the guest speakers alongside Mr. Martin Luther King III.

She has been called in to consult during the “Los Angeles riots,” the seizure of the “Branch Davidian” compound in Waco, Texas, the “Heaven’s Gate” mass suicide, “Uganda,” the shootings at “Columbine, “9/11, etc.” Because of her personal tragedy and subsequent knowledge and experience, Dr. Norwood is a much sought-after speaker and has spoken at Spellman and Morehouse. Her work has received numerous proclamations and letters of support from leaders across the nation for her 43 years of raising public awareness on learning the lessons of Jonestown.

Jynona Norwood